What is Oceanum Liberandum?


Oceanum Liberadum is a Non-profit organization that plan to break the verbal barriers and put actions into practice. We fight for a blue and green planet and we trust in our members and volunteers to help us in this rewarding journey.


The NGO was born in Portugal, but we want to act in every corner that the human being can walk and swim.



NGO goals?


This is a community for those who want to help change the oceans. Mother nature is crying for help and we want to be there to help and change the course of action


Working in underwater and beach cleanups, creating events that promote and raise awareness for the environment, help in the ocean and nature education and much more. But, still, there is space for new ideas and at any moment you can contact us and be the mind behind an ambitious project to help our planet.

About us

About us

Our team

Cofunder of Oceanum Liberandum and current President. Diving and travel become her way of life

Cofunder. Huge passion for the underwater world and photography 

Débora Laborde

Rúben Galante

João Rainho

João works in offshore and saturation diving, nomally in a saturation chamber at one hundred meters deep. He has worked around the world