largest Underwater cleanup of the world



In 2019 we started thinking about breaking this record as a way to bring the matter to the attetion of everyone. Covid put this dream on hold for a long time. But we didn't quit and kept thinking and working on this. 


On the 24th September 2022, Sesimbra became a very special place to our hearts. We watched the days pass throughout more than two years, and almost gave up of this crazy idea. After all, we are a very recent NGO, with big dreams to fulfill.


Oceanum Liberandum had just start its activity when we started asking for help to make all this more than a dream, but a reality when we spread the word of a cleaner, safer, and colorful world bellow water. But how does this happen when we have so little to show from us? All we had on our side was speaking from our hearts and show a little piece of the big treasure that is life underwater.

Wanting to believe on this project but having doubts about it, it was a conflict of head and heart for the city of Sesimbra. There is this funny thing in which whenever we follow our hearts, we get where we need to be, despite all the struggle in between. We got through that day because Sesimbra kept their hopes up and believed in us, helping in all the making of this project.


We needed people who share the same passion that we do for the oceans, nature, and all mother earth. With this in mind, we reach out to EDP that already has their share of green energy and events around the topic of protecting this planet. Countless meetings, page after page was filled, daily and weekly emails were sent, but was never a question that they wanted to be a part of our craziness. Therefore, we can’t thank you enough EDP for being our main sponsor.


Our idea was simple on paper, the pen slide faster than my brain could process the fact of all the tasks hidden on those lines. Gathering close to 597 divers in 12h at Sesimbra, easy right? I don’t think there is an opposite strong enough to fight this word “easy”.


Needless to say, that all this work would be like trying to descend for a dive without a weight belt, if the dive centers, specially, the ones located in Sesimbra, weren’t there for us. I’m not sorry to say that I’m going to quote each one of them, because every single one deserves my full attention and appreciation. To Haliotis, Cipreia, Nautilus-Sub, MegaDive, Anthia, Arrábida Experiences, Odisseia Azul, Nature Dive, Wind Team and Portisub, I can’t thank you enough. More than brands they are amazing people, that far before us even creating Oceanum Liberandum, already made innumerous cleanups at the beach and underwater. We are here to help them in every way we can on their work for the planet.


Close to 100 volunteers came together on this day and carry all the trash divers brought from the sea. It was something beautiful to see, in the darkest way possible. Fishing nets after bottle and rub boot after tire, there was everything where it didn’t belong, the dark in the blue. Exhaustion and dirty clothes meant nothing facing that little piece of the ocean that was getting cleaner. We don’t want to believe that the future of those animals is on a trash basis habitat, they deserve better than that.


We wanted that everyone present in that day to left with a little memory of what all of us together did and the message behind it, protecting the oceans. Kindly sponsored by Seiko, their diving against debris bag along with Project Aware was given to every diver. Also important were the support and prizes given by FishTank, SDI, Mares, SSI and more.



In the end of the day the mission was completed. The protection of the ocean was talked in the Portuguese TV channels, radios, and newspapers. The participants were happy to join this event and be part of the change. Almost 3500 kg of trash we taken out of it didn’t belong and dozens of animals were saved from the debris. The following days, the news of what all of us did that day, spread to other countries and different languages. We got a Guinness World Records, but more important than that, we got working together for a greater good and a better future for the oceans. Together we are stronger!


Largest Underwater Cleanup of the world


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