largest Underwater cleanup of the world



In 2019 we started thinking about breaking this record as a way to bring the matter to the attetion of everyone. Covid put this dream on hold for a long time. But we didn't quit and kept thinking and working on this. 


On the 24th of September 2022 we will unite the diving community in Sesimbra. Help us break this World Record and gather 700 divers eager to help save the oceans and marine life. Lets leave a clear message that the diving community is united around the oceans that we love so much


If you are a certifeid diver and want to be part of this event, fill this Form . The registration is 15 euros and this will help pay the local dive centers that will with their boats and equipment. They will be a raffle for the participants with tshirts, elearning courses, dive computer and regulator. 


But if you are not a diver don't be sad. Contact us, you can be a volunteer and help on land or in the boats. You can also enjoy the beautiful Sesimbra if you travel with a diver. The main goal is to raise awareness for the ocean problems and be sorrounded by those who believe in the same 

Largest Underwater Cleanup of the world


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