largest Underwater photo exhibition in the world



On September 23, 2022, the largest underwater photographic exhibition in the world was held in Portugal. This event aimed to use photography as a means of exposing the beauty of the oceans and that this only exists if we take care of them. This exhibition took place in Sesimbra with the main support of Seiko Prospex.

On this day, the elements of Cipreia Dive Center and Haliotis were tireless. Together we managed to bring this record to Sesimbra. This exhibition featured beautiful photos by several national and international photographers. We leave our public thanks to all of those who helped us with their talent and creative photos.

How deepest thank you to:



Ants Stern


Bruno Verhulst


Diogo Amaral


Filomena Sá Pinto 


Henrique Casinhas


Joshua Fernandes


Luis Campos


Manuela Matos Passos


Mário Pereira


Miguel Macedo


Nuno Vasco Rodrigues


Rui Bernardo


Rui Palma






Largest Underwater photo exhibition in the world