largest Underwater cleanup of the world



In September 2022, it was marked by the achievement of 2 world records. The largest underwater clean-up in 12 hours now belongs to Sesimbra. This moment was only possible with an impressive work from the diving centers Haliotis, Cipreia, Nautilus-Sub, MegaDive, Anthia Dive Center, Arrábida Experiences, Odisseia Azul, Nature Dive, Wind Team. Their work, combined with an avalanche of divers and nearly a hundred volunteers, allowed for the collection of 3500 kg of trash, the release of various species trapped in this litter back into the sea, and, above all, conveyed a message of unity for the oceans.


May 27 marked the return of the World's Largest Underwater Clean-up, this time in 24 hours, with the support of Sesimbra City Council. EDP embraced and made this initiative possible once again, serving as the main sponsor, aiming to gather everyone for the protection of the oceans. International diving organizations SSI and PADI provided support, as well as the Ocean Azul Foundation, Project Aware Foundation, Ocean Born Foundation, and Blue Oceans. You can find all the event's partners listed below. Together, we can change the world.


On May 28, at 8:06, this adventure came to an end, in which it was possible to gather 842 divers who removed 7000 kg of marine litter. Part of this waste was reused by fishermen for other purposes, including a sunken vessel. We were also able to send a portion of the waste for recycling via Ghost Diving and Amarsul.


We would like to thank everyone who attended this second edition of something that is worth much more than a record. To the diving centers and their staff, to the volunteers, and to the tireless members of the Ocean Azul Foundation, a big thank you. We also salute the involvement of several fishermen during the event, helping with the litter collection.

We will soon make photos of the event available and look forward to seeing everyone at the 3rd Edition.


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NGO Planet Caretakers

NGO Ghost Diving

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Largest Underwater Cleanup of the world - 27th May 2023


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